Earnest Money Deposits – Is the Deposit in Dispute? – Is the Deposit Missing?

| July 22, 2014

  What is an Earnest Money Deposit? When a buyer decides to make an offer to buy a house or condo here in Florida, he/she presents to the Seller a signed Purchase and Sale Agreement, which is normally accompanied by a check demonstrating the buyer’s serious intent to purchase the property – that check is […]

What Do You Do When You Discover the Value of Your Property Isn’t What the Real Estate Agent Told You?

| July 15, 2014

Misrepresentation Of a Home’s Value For most of us, the most essential term in any Florida real estate transaction is the contract price: the amount the seller and the buyer agree on for purchasing the home, condo, or townhouse. Each side assumes that he (or she) has accurate information on what the property is worth […]

Are There Dangers with a Florida Real Estate Agent Representing Both Buyer and Seller?

| July 8, 2014

When someone in Florida wants to sell their home or condo, they (usually) hire a real estate agent to help them do so. When someone wants to buy residential real estate here in Florida, they do the same thing: they hire themselves a real estate agent. Which means, that in most situations there are two […]

Breach of Fiduciary Duty by a Florida Real Estate Agent: Can You Sue For Damages?

| June 24, 2014

Real estate agents who commit fraud can cause buyers and sellers serious harm.  However, proving fraud in a court of law is difficult because the injured party must provide evidence of intent; it’s not that easy to prove someone’s reason for doing something.  (For details on proving a fraud claim, check out our recent posts […]

Fraud by a Florida Real Estate Agent: Are You a Victim?

| June 17, 2014

Unfortunately, in Florida, fraud claims against real estate agents are common. Fraud claims against real estate professionals cover a variety of situations, but they all share a common characteristic: this was not just a mistake, the real estate agent has intentionally done something wrong. The intentional bad act by the real estate agent has hurt […]