Duty to Disclose for Sellers in Florida Residential Real Estate Transactions – Are Florida Real Estate Buyers Protected by Florida Law?

Last Update: 2/27/18 Disclosure of facts that materially affect the value of real estate doesn’t always happen in residential real estate sales because sellers fret that if the buyer hears something bad, they’ll walk away — or, counter with a price which is much lower than the listed sales price. Fortunately for buyers, Florida law […]

Property Disclosure Statements: Duty to Reveal Hazards in Florida Must Be Disclosed to Home Buyers

Last Update: 04/18/16     Most sellers and buyers of residential real estate here in Florida depend upon their real estate agents to help them through the process. For buyers, it’s making sure that they have all the information that they need to make an informed purchase. For sellers, it’s relying upon their agent to […]

Breach of Fiduciary Duty by a Florida Real Estate Agent: Can You Sue For Damages?

Last Update: 04/18/16 Real estate agents who commit fraud can cause buyers and sellers serious harm.  However, proving fraud in a court of law is difficult because the injured party must provide evidence of intent; it’s not that easy to prove someone’s reason for doing something.  (For details on proving a fraud claim, check out […]

Florida Title Company or Real Estate Lawyer: Who Should Handle Your Closing?           

Florida does not require an attorney to oversee a residential real estate transaction.  A buyer can purchase a home or condo in Florida and get a mortgage without getting legal advice from an attorney. A real estate agent can provide standardized contract forms, and a title company can issue title insurance and conduct the closing. […]

6 Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida

First time home buyers are often anxious because the purchase of their single family home or condominium will likely be the largest transaction of their lifetime. For this reason, a new home buyer may find this process less overwhelming when it is separated into 3 parts. First, there is the contract for sale, which is […]

Florida Real Estate Closings Don’t End At The Closing Table

Real estate closings in Florida can be complicated and overwhelming to some sellers and buyers. With all of the effort that goes into buying a home, including reviewing the contract and addendum, negotiations, inspections, the loan application process, and the actual closing, it is important to know what to expect when the day comes to […]

Misrepresentation by Real Estate Agent: Wrong Square Footage in MLS Listing

Last Update: 04/18/16 In Florida, real estate agents and brokers are seen as experts in their field (whether it be residential, commercial or industrial property) due, in part, to the fact they are licensed by the State of Florida to do business in our State. Licensure brings with it both the respect of being a […]


Last Update: 2/27/18 Here in South Florida, closings on residential real estate happen every day. Condos are purchased as retirement homes and as investment property; homes in neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, Brickell, Broward and Palm Beach are sold to families that may be moving across town or from across the country. In Miami, there are […]

Closing a Florida Residential Real Estate Transaction

Last Update: 2/18/18 The event where a Florida condominium or single family home changes hands, where ownership of the property goes from the seller to the buyer, is called the “closing” or the “closing of the transaction.” When the buyer leaves the closing table, he or she leaves with keys to the front door; the […]

Disclosures to Home Buyers: Florida Statute 475.278 and the Real Estate Agent Relationship

Last Update: 02/10/16 For Florida real estate lawyers, it’s shocking to contemplate all of the many ways that Florida real estate agents and Florida real estate brokers have found to be underhanded in their dealings with buyers and sellers, all in the name of making a quick buck. The past few years (the time when […]