When Can a Florida Condo Board Authorize and Direct Entry Into Your Condo Unit?

| December 9, 2014

Florida condominium life is truly its own lifestyle. People move here from all over the nation and all over the world to enjoy our sunsets, our beaches, and our unique Florida activities. Many choose to live in one of the many Florida condominium communities, including the numerous condo towers that line the Florida coastline. However, […]

How Can Florida Condo Owners Boot a Bad Condo Manager?

| November 18, 2014

Most large Florida condominiums are overseen by property management companies that are hired by the Association to handle the day to day operations for the condominium. (Small Florida condo associations usually have an individual condo manager to manage the property.) Either way, a good condo manager is adept at handling all sorts of things, from […]

Can Condo Owners Be Fined by Their Condo Association?

| November 11, 2014

There’s some good news for you if you own a unit in a Florida Condominium: at least you’re not living in a Florida HOA! Under Florida law, for whatever reason, a Florida Home Owner Association is able to place a lien on a home if the owner fails to pay a fine that  has been […]

Will Your Old Condo Association Sue You For Past Due Assessments After a Foreclosure?

| November 4, 2014

You have gone through all the stress and heartache of a foreclosure proceeding on your Florida condominium. Maybe you’re a Florida resident who lost their home to the bank. You could be a snowbird or an out of state investor who was sued for foreclosure by your lender. As an owner, you’ve seen your credit […]

Inspecting Your Condo Records: What are the Official Records that a Florida Condo Association Must Maintain?

| October 28, 2014

Every Florida Condominium Association is required by Florida law to maintain and keep certain documents as part of its official records. The Condo Association has no option; it would be a violation of the Florida Condominium Act for specific documents not to be kept and preserved and ready for inspection by the unit owners. What […]