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Florida Real Estate Law

Sharing What I Know About Florida Real Estate Law


Quitclaim Deed Forgeries

In Florida, anyone who wants to own or possess real estate (land with or without improvements) must do so in writing by way of a Deed.  The validity of that Deed will depend upon the language contained therein as well as technical issues, like signing, witnessing,...

3 Types of Foreclosure Defenses In Florida  

In Florida, foreclosure defenses (for residential foreclosures) can be categorized into three different arguments.  Those arguments focus upon either (1) the validity of the mortgage; (2) whether or not there has been a “default” under the law; and (3) if the lender...

6 Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida

First time home buyers are often anxious because the purchase of their single family home or condominium will likely be the largest transaction of their lifetime. For this reason, a new home buyer may find this process less overwhelming when it is separated into 3...

Quitclaim Deed Lawsuits

In Florida, quitclaim deeds are one of the most common deeds to transfer real estate.  (Other common deeds include general warranty deeds, special warranty deeds and personal representative deeds.) This is because a large number of transactions involving quit claim...

Lease Agreement Lawsuits in Florida

In Florida, the written lease agreement is the first place that most landlords and tenants reference when the parties have a dispute.  After all, the purpose of the document is to set forth the rights and obligations of the parties. However, even though standard lease...

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