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Florida Real Estate Law

Sharing What I Know About Florida Real Estate Law


Partition of Florida Homestead Property

Last Update: 8/5/19 In Florida, “homestead property” is residential real estate which is occupied by a person or family as their permanent residence. The legal concept of “homestead” is provided by the Florida constitution.  Its purpose is to stop the family home, or...

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Payment Defense to Foreclosure

In Florida, when a lender files a foreclosure lawsuit, the lender must prove that a homeowner has breached his or her obligations under the note and/or mortgage. In turn, a homeowner has the right to raise defenses that defeat or otherwise mitigate the claims made by...

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Court Procedures That Can Delay Foreclosure

In Florida, those fighting a residential foreclosure should be aware of the procedures often used by lawyers and judges that delay a foreclosure lawsuit from proceeding. Two of these procedures are called “stays” and “continuances.” Both are governed by the Florida...

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