Do Walk-Throughs and Inspections Hurt a Misrepresentation Claim?

| October 6, 2015

Last Update: 02/22/16 More and more these days, Florida real estate buyers are purchasing a home or condo without personally stepping foot on the property. When this happens, the buyer usually relies on someone acting on their behalf (e.g., a friend or family member). Moreover, with the innovations of the internet virtual tours and real […]

3 Types of Title Issues Which Impact Florida Real Estate Closings

| September 29, 2015

Last Update: 02/22/16 In South Florida, when a seller is told by a buyer’s title examiner that there is a “title issue,” that usually means that there is some sort of lien, defect or encumbrance in the public records which clouds the title to the property. In most instances, buyers won’t take ownership of property […]

What Happens When A Buyer Discovers Condo Water Damage After Closing?

| September 22, 2015

Last Update: 02/22/16 Broker Misrepresentation Claims and “As Is” Clauses Here in South Florida, the condominium lifestyle is very popular. That popularity extends to both retirees as well as to locals, who buy condos as primary residences, vacation homes and as investment properties. People from other countries also flock to South Florida’s condo haven because […]

Three Common Issues With Mortgage Financing and Florida Residential Closings

| July 7, 2015

Last Update: 4/17/18 In South Florida, most residential real estate closings involve a buyer obtaining a home loan to finance the purchase.  When the homeowner obtains a mortgage he or she gives the bank a lien on the property until that loan is paid in full. This mortgage also gives the lender the right to […]

Closing on Florida Real Estate: Seller’s Documents at Closing

| June 23, 2015

Last Update: 2/18/18 Selling your home or condo here in South Florida means marketing your residential property either by yourself (”For Sale by Owner”) or through a real estate broker to find a buyer who has the financial means (cash or mortgage loan) to pay for it. Depending upon the housing market, selling your condo, […]


| June 16, 2015

Last Update: 2/27/18 Here in South Florida, closings on residential real estate happen every day. Condos are purchased as retirement homes and as investment property; homes in neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, Brickell, Broward and Palm Beach are sold to families that may be moving across town or from across the country. In Miami, there are […]

Big Changes In Florida Real Estate Closings: The HUD-1 Settlement Form Replaced With TRID

| June 9, 2015

Last Update: 02/10/16 On August 1, 2015, closings will be different here because of changes in federal law and replacement of HUD-1 Form As part of any closing on residential real estate (homes, condos, townhouses, vacation property, etc.)  federal law requires that buyers and sellers receive as part of their Closing Documents a “HUD-1 Settlement […]

Title Insurance and Closing Your Florida Home Purchase

| June 2, 2015

Last Update: 3/6/18 When you buy a house or other residential real estate here in Florida, you are buying both the land as well as the improvements to the property (the building, the plumbing and sewage systems, the fence, the landscaping, etc.). If you are buying a condominium, then you are buying an undivided shared […]

Real Estate Closings: Negotiating Closing Costs

| May 26, 2015

Last Update: 4/17/18 Buying any home or condo in Florida, or any piece of residential real estate, means that the buyer and the seller must go through the “closing process,” which may be the only time, or one of the few times, that they have to go to a real estate closing. However, for the […]

Escrow/Deposit Problems in Florida Residential Real Estate Closings

| May 5, 2015

Last Update: 2/18/18 When you are buying a home here in South Florida, or you are trying to sell a house or condo somewhere in the Miami – Palm Beach – Fort Lauderdale area, there are certain steps that are automatic in every residential transaction. The buyer makes an offer and the seller either counters […]