| June 16, 2015

Last Update: 2/27/18 Here in South Florida, closings on residential real estate happen every day. Condos are purchased as retirement homes and as investment property; homes in neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, Brickell, Broward and Palm Beach are sold to families that may be moving across town or from across the country. In Miami, there are […]

Closing on Florida Real Estate: Buyer’s Documents at Closing

| April 14, 2015

Last Update: 4/17/18 At the closing table for the purchase of a home or condo here in South Florida, buyers, both native to Florida as well as those who have recently moved here, or out of state residents purchasing a vacation home, will have lots of paperwork to sign. Buyers are often surprised at how […]

Questions To Ask Before Buying a 55+ Condominium in Florida

| March 31, 2015

Retiring in South Florida is the dream for many Americans, and for those who do retire here in the MiamiDade – Broward – Palm Beach counties area, that often means moving into a beautiful condominium with beach access or ocean views. Condo living offers a great many advantages for retirees, and condominiums in our local […]

When Is a Florida Real Estate Agent or Broker Guilty of the Unauthorized Practice of Law?

| March 24, 2015

Last Update: 02/24/16 Buying or selling a home or condominium here in South Florida involves lots of paperwork, much of it legal documents like contracts with the real estate agent or broker (a listing agreement); as well as sales contracts, deeds, title searches and title commitments, disclosures and more. In fact, almost every kind of […]

Liens on Your Florida Condo or Home: What are They and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

| March 3, 2015

Condo living is a different lifestyle here in Florida, one that lots of people enjoy. Sharing the responsibilities of lawn care and landscaping, pool upkeep, and more can free condo residents from chores they would have face if they lived in a single family home in the suburbs. However, living the Florida Condo life also […]

Florida Condos, Coops, TimeShares, HOAs, and CDDs: Know the Difference Before You Buy

| February 24, 2015

Last Update: 04/18/16 In Florida, there are different types of home ownership recognized by the Florida Legislature other than the traditional single family home. Florida laws recognize five different alternatives that anyone considering buying residential real estate in Florida, for their vacation home, their retirement home, or an investment property, needs to know. (And, yes, […]

55+ Condo Living in Florida: Senior Condos and Adult Condo Communities

| February 10, 2015

South Florida is famous as a retirement paradise, and many of our local condominiums exist to meet the needs and lifestyles of those enjoying a retirement lifestyle. There are countless “55 Plus Communities” here in the Broward County and in the Miami-Dade area, where “most” of the residents are age 55 years or older. . […]

What Is A Condominium Termination In Florida?

| January 6, 2015

In Florida, condominiums are considered as legal entities, just like corporations, with Boards of Directors and owners and creditors. When you decide to buy a home in a Florida condominium, you are becoming part of this legal entity as one of its unit owners. This makes reading through all of the documents that create that […]

Security in Florida Condominiums: Privacy Concerns for Condo Owners

| December 16, 2014

For many Florida condo owners, one of the main reasons why they chose to live in a condominium community instead of a single family home is because of the sense of greater security. There is safety in numbers, of course. Condominium associations as well as property managers have a responsibility to make sure that residents […]

What Can a Florida Condo Owner Do About an Annoying or Irritating Condo Neighbor?

| December 2, 2014

You live in a beautiful South Florida condominium. Every morning, you can watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean from your balcony. In the evening, you can walk along the beach. There’s no yard to mow, no snow to shovel. The Florida condo lifestyle is a dream come true for many Floridians. Until there’s […]