Real Estate Agents Gone Wrong – Short Sale Scams

| January 23, 2014

News About Real Estate Agents Acting Bad It’s sad that some real estate agents have to make all real estate agents look bad.  A real estate agent conspired to commit short sale fraud by having the owner of a single family home submit false documents to Tri Counties Bank and Freddie Mac in conjunction with […]

Short Sale Fraud in Florida: Florida Sellers and Buyers Both Victims of Short Sale Scams

| June 14, 2012

Short sales are very popular right now in Florida (and the rest of the country), and as we’ve explained in earlier posts, the rising popularity in shorts sales is due in large part to the changing attitude of lenders towards short sales as being a better deal for them than foreclosures. Add to this the […]

Short Sale Fraud Is a Growing Problem in Florida and U.S.: Freddie Mac Fights Back Against Short Sale Fraud With New Requirements

| November 22, 2011

As we all know, Florida has been hit hard by the U.S. Housing Crisis.  There are lots of Florida homeowners fighting against losing their home to foreclosure – and many of them are considering a short sale of their home.  Short sales can be great for both homeowners and lenders, if the banks are ready […]