Florida “Wild Deeds” – Just One More Florida Land Title Issue For Quiet Title Actions: What is a “Wild Deed”?

| April 24, 2012

Last Update: 02/24/16 Last fall, Osceola County Clerk of the Court joined other Florida officials in warning the public at large that con artists were at work in the State of Florida, taking advantage of the Foreclosure Fraud mess by filing “wild deeds” in the real property records. (Check out the Osceola Clerk’s list of […]

Should Florida Property Owners Proceed Pro Se and Represent Themselves in Legal Claims or Quiet Title Actions? Probably Not. Here’s Why.

| April 12, 2012

Florida law does allow individuals to proceed with civil actions without an attorney – in legal jargon, it’s called representing yourself “pro se.”  In this economy, finding ways to avoid the expense of attorneys’ fees sounds smart, and there are situations where a Floridian is somewhat savvy to handle their own legal matter. For instance, […]