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Effective November 1, 2012, anyone with a government-sponsored-enterprise (GSE) mortgage home loan that can prove one of the hardships recognized by the federal government may short sell their home even if they are current in their mortgage payments — and the federal government will not ask for them to cover any deficiency amount, either by cash or by a note or by the government getting a deficiency judgment against them.

Which means that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae won’t sue for deficiencies on home mortgages if the borrower short sells his or her home and gets a sales price that is less than the amount due on their home loan – and that borrower was always current on their mortgage payment.

Read about the details here.

The hardships that qualify a borrower for this new government benefit are key here: they must be serious events, like the borrower died or got divorced, or the borrower has been transferred in his or her job to someplace that is at least 50 miles distance from the home.

Larry Tolchinsky’s Tip:

There are banks that are offering similar short sale deals in negotiations with their borrowers: it depends upon the lender and the borrower’s circumstances to determine if someone with a non-GSE mortgage can get this kind of short sale deal.   If you are curious about what your bank’s position might be here, any experienced Florida short sale attorney in your area will know the reputation and current position of the lenders serving their community.

Most home loan mortgages in this country are government-sponsored mortgages (GSEs)(i.e., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac).  This new program, going into effect on November 1, 2012, should help a lot of people.  However, it’s not going to do much help for anyone if the federal tax benefit that blocks waived deficiencies from being considered as income under the federal income tax laws isn’t extended past December 31, 2012.  (Read our earlier posts with their links for details here.)

Short sales are going to be very important to Florida home owners in Fall 2012.  Here are some key considerations for a short sale:

For Florida home owners deciding on whether or not to short sale their home, or for Florida home buyers with a short sale or foreclosure on their FICA report and credit history, things are different now than they were as early as two years ago.  Lenders are making deals, government agencies are issuing polices and changing them, federal and state laws impact what happens depending upon which road you take.

Florida real estate attorneys who are experienced at short sale counseling and foreclosure defense can be vital to making the best decision because there are simply so many variables on the table, depending upon the person’s situation, and because those variables just keep changing.  For example, a short sale this month may be a great idea but in six months it may be a bad call, tax-wise.  Many Florida short sale lawyers and foreclosure defense attorneys, like our law firm, understand the current economy and offer financial deals that are usually a nice surprise to members of the public that assume all lawyers are too expensive.  However, no one knows this unless they call and ask — and most of these firms, like ours, offer a free initial consulation.

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