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Unfortunately, Florida homeowner’s are far from finished with the foreclosure crisis.  Throughout South Florida and north to the border, thousands of Florida families are living in limbo.

  • Too many people are living in Florida homes where they owe more to the bank on their mortgage than their house is worth. How long do you live with an underwater mortgage?
  • Others have lost their homes, and they wait in rentals or live with relatives, thinking that when the dust settles, maybe there will be a home here in Florida they can afford to buy How long will the banks set on those shadow housing inventories?
  • Still others have suffered monetary losses in the form of damages or expenses incurred in their fight to keep their homes. Will the evildoers ever be forced to reimburse these victims for the harm they caused?

As time passes, Florida foreclosure defense lawyers, Florida legislatures, Florida judges, as well as various federal agencies, are all working hard to find ways to get justice for all of these people.  Currently, the following things are happening to help some homeowners.  Florida may not have reached the end of the tunnel, but perhaps this list represents a flicker of light that we’re all hoping for.

Hurt By the Florida Foreclosure Fraud Crisis?  Ways To Get Help Now

1.  Hardest Hit Fund — apply to receive money from the federal government to help pay your mortgage over a period of months.  For details, go here.

2. Claim Money Due You From the Bank Per Federally Ordered Reimbursements — recently, the federal government ordered many of these Foreclosure Fraud lenders to reimburse those they’ve harmed, and an independent third party auditor is supposed to figure out who gets what.  It may be possible to get ahead of the game here, and pursue your claim with the auditor, once this process is in place.

3.  Seek Sanctions Against the Bank’s Lawyers if You Are In a Pending Fraudulent Foreclosure Action — Florida courts have a precedent now, since at least one respected judge has imposed monetary sanctions upon the lawyers representing a bank seeking to foreclose because of the filings they placed in the court record;

4.  Move to Force Loan Modifications When the Bank Cannot Provide the Proper Documentation at Mediation — In Florida, it appears that many loan modification mediations are failing because the lenders cannot bring the proper paperwork to the negotiating table – despite these mediations being mandatory; and

5.  Filing a civil lawsuit to challenge the validity and legality of the foreclosure action brought against you, which can include suing the lender.  In the future, it may involve challenging the court’s Rocket Docket actions themselves as being void and unconstitutional, illegally violating your due process rights.

Stay tuned, things change everyday, this list will continue to grow.

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