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This Article Is From 2011

Florida homeowners are not only getting mad, they’re fighting back against the evildoers who’ve misrepresented things to them, or about them.  They’re taking on the lawyers.

Foreclosure Lawyers Are Being Investigated by the Florida Bar:  Massive Number of Grievances Being Filed

The Florida Bar is being flooded with complaints about Florida lawyers and law firms.  In fact, the Florida Bar is reporting a Four Hundred percent (400%) rise in the number of pending investigations than it had just 6 months ago.  That’s a lot of very mad Floridians.

Most, if not all, of these complaints are Florida homeowners who are pointing their fingers at the lawyers involved in the foreclosure proceedings involving their property. That’s right: the lawyers who represented the banks and mortgage companies.

Right now, the Florida Bar has 226 pending  Foreclosure Fraud grievance investigations in process.   Many involve the “foreclosure mills,” which we’ve all been reading about in the news – the law firms like the Law Offices of David J. Stern, where all they did was foreclosure work for banks and all sorts of bad things happened there: “robo-signing” of documents and other false, illegal stuff.

The lawyers who made good money a couple of years back in all that Foreclosure Fever shouldn’t just be fretting over when they’ll be getting that dreaded notice from the Florida Bar that an investigation has begun into their past acts, and their license might be pulled or suspended.  That’s bad, sure.

Foreclosure Mill Lawyers Also Risk Being Fired From Their Current Jobs – A Florida Assistant Attorney General Axed Last Month

However, for some of the Foreclosure Mill lawyers, the day of doom has already hit.  Their current employers may not be willing to wait on the Bar investigations when they are aware that they employ a lawyer with a past history in the Florida Foreclosure mess.

Last month for example, Attorney General Pam Bondi fired Erin Cullaro, an assistant Florida attorney general.  Cullaro had been reprimanded last year for moonlighting for a “foreclosure mill” and was reprimanded a second time in March 2011 by Governor Rick Scott when the Governor’s office became suspicious of a number of variations of her signature on legal documents, suggesting “robo-signing.”

The strangeness in Cullaro’s signatures was brought to light by Foreclosure Defense attorneys as they combed through the records of their various clients’ loan and foreclosure paperwork.  The homeowners’ attorneys took their findings to the judges presiding over their particular clients’ cases, and the investigations proceeded from there – culminating in Cullaro’s reprimands and job loss.

Think You Know of Some Bad Acts by the Bank’s Foreclosure Lawyer?  Start Asking Questions.

If you think that the attorney representing the bank or mortgage company in your foreclosure process – or loan modification, or mortgage negotiation – is acting unethical, then it’s important to voice that suspicion.  How?

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