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10/16/19 Update: Florida’s Hardest Hit Program Is Closed – See this link.

However, to get help with Foreclosure Defense, click here.

This week,  the federal government debuted the Emergency Homeowner’s Loan Program (EHLP) with $1 billion of federal monies in its accounts standing ready to help Americans in 32  states and Puerto Rico that are facing a financial crisis so they can hopefully be protected against a foreclosure on their home because they cannot pay their monthly mortgage payment.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Runs EHLP to Help Hard-Hit American Homeowners – In Some States (and Puerto Rico)

The Emergency Homeowner’s Loan Program is being overseen by HUD and is available to homeowners in lots of states (listed below) – but it’s not available here in Florida.

The EHLP allows eligible homeowners to qualify for loans from the federal government, maxing out at $50,000, without any interest whatsoever, over a two (2) year time period.  The program is designed to help people that cannot make their mortgage payments keep their house while they get back on their feet, financially.

Floridians are not eligible for one single dollar in the One Billion Dollar EHLP fund.  Instead, Florida has been provided monies under the Hardest Hit Fund, which has been funded with $7.6 billion of government money to help citizens in those “hardest hit” states avoid foreclosure of their homes.

Florida Homeowners Must Apply to the Hardest Hit Fund, Not ELHP

10/16/19 Update: Florida’s Hardest Hit Program Is Closed – See this link.

However, to get help with Foreclosure Defense, click here.

The states hardest hit by foreclosures were provided with federal monies first, and Florida as one of the hardest hit states is eligible for the Hardest Hit Fund.

We’ve posted details on how the Florida Hardest Hit Fund works, and how to apply for it here:

1. Florida Finally Debuts Its Hardest Hit Fund: Can the Florida Hardest Hit Fund Help You? (our March 2011 post gives an overview of the process); and

2.  Fed Help for Those Facing Florida Foreclosure Starts Today: Here’s How to Apply for Hardest Hit Fund (our April 2011 post gives details on how Florida homeowners can get financial help from the Florida HHF).

ELHP is available to homeowners in the following states:

Floridians reading the news should not get excited that there might be an interest-free federal loan ready to help them save their home in the new Emergency Homeowner’s Loan Program.  They’re not allowed to get any of that money.  They still have hope in the Hardest Hit Fund, and if they own property or have loved ones in dire financial straits in the following states, then the new federal interest-free loan program might be helpful:

* Alaska

* Arkansas

* Colorado

* Hawaii

* Iowa

* Kansas

* Louisiana

* Maine

* Massachusetts

* Minnesota

* Missouri

* Montana

* Nebraska

* New Hampshire

* New Mexico

* New York

* North Dakota

* Oklahoma

* Puerto Rico

* South Dakota

* Texas

* Utah

* Vermont

* Virginia

* Washington

* West Virginia

* Wisconsin

* Wyoming

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