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The issues involving Foreclosure Fraud seem to get bigger and more complex (and more outrageous) by the day.  Just last week, for example, the controversy got bigger around the reasons why two former assistant attorneys general for the State of Florida – who were Attorney General Pam Bondi’s top foreclosure fraud investigators – were effectively fired.

That’s right: they were booted, and it’s still not clear why Florida’s top two Foreclosure Fraud prosecutors were let go.

Some are arguing it was all politically motivated while the official line continues to be that there was a serious problem with their performance. Last week, Deputy Attorney General Carlos Muniz issued a news release explaining the two women were asked to leave because their performance was “unacceptable.”

Seems some were complaining they were too aggressive …. however, they were the ones who were getting the subpoenas and feeling the heat from being investigated by these two.

Another interesting fact:  each of these two attorneys got either  “exceptional” or “above expectations” ratings in 29 out of the 30 categories in which they were reviewed over their tenure, and of note is Ms. Edwards’ review less than a month before she was asked to leave: “I cannot overstate the degree to which I respect Ms. Edwards and her work with this unit.”

Oh, and neither one was technically fired: each attorney turned in their resignation, but news reports are clear that they quit because they were being forced to do so.  Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson were instructed on May 20, 2011, that they had two options: resign or be fired.

The ABA Journal suggests that these two lawyers got issued their walking papers because they were doing too good of a job investigating foreclosure fraud, and they were stepping on toes —  and the Powers That Be didn’t like that.

Who are these Powers That Be?  Scott Finn of WUSF suggests that this might include Lender Processing Services — for details on LDS campaign contributions as well as LDS hiring attorneys from Attorney General Bondi’s staff, go read his article here.

More victims of the foreclosure mess.

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