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I received a call today about another debt collector seeking to beat the July 1, 2014 deadline for collecting on old deficiency judgments –  Collins Asset Group, LLC –  a company located in Austin, Texas. The documents I reviewed were from a 2008 foreclosure lawsuit by IndyMac Bank.  This collection effort is different from the way Dyck O’Neal is handling most of their deficiency collection efforts in that Collins did not file a new lawsuit – Collins Asset Group simply filed a motion for a deficiency judgment in the original foreclosure case. Interesting – especially when I didn’t see any document establishing a connection between IndyMac and Collins Asset Group i.e.  No assignment of Judgment, which is what I usually see in our Dyck O’Neal cases.  Of course, I did check the Florida Office of Financial Regulation website to make sure Collins is a Florida Registered Collection Agency – which they are.  It’s crunch time for these debt collectors, they only have 2 weeks left to legally collect on these old foreclosure judgments.

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