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Quick Update on Florida Deficiency Collection Efforts

Recently, we have been receiving calls about Vantium Capital – Strategic Recovery Group – which is a Texas based company who is trying to collect on old Florida foreclosure judgments.  In the files I have reviewed, Vantium enters into a collection agreement with Fannie Mae, who was the guarantor of a Bank of America Promissory Note.

The most often asked questions about these case are:

  • Why am I receiving this letter now – several years have passed since my foreclosure or short sale?
  • What do I do now – Do I have to file something with the Court?
  • Can they sue for a deficiency if I was never served with the foreclosure lawsuit?
  • I received an IRS  Form 1099 – How can they still try and collect money from me?

For answers to some of these questions, please read:

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