Florida Families: As Parents Welcome Kids Back Home to Live, Conflict Between Student Loan Debt and the Kids’ Dream of Home Ownership

| December 13, 2011

Florida may be known as a tourist mecca, what with Miami’s metropolitan nightlife and Orlando’s Disney World, but the truth is that Florida is made up of lots and lots of families who love their Sunshine State.  We’re proud of our roots and there’s no time like the Holiday Season for families all over Florida […]

Florida Homeowner’s Home Vandalized and Contents Thrown Out by Mortgage Company – But He’s Not in Foreclosure: Another Florida Foreclosure Fraud Horror Story

| July 7, 2011

The flagrant disregard of longstanding Florida law by mortgage lenders, appraisers, title companies, banks, and law firms continues with this week’s news, perhaps setting new lows in the foreclosure mess. A New High in Lows for Bad Acts Done by a Mortgage Lender in Florida Last week, when Brooksville, Florida homeowner Chris Boudreau went away […]

Underwater Mortgages in Florida – Finally, Help Arrives as Chase and Bank of America Start Offering Modications of Select Risk Home Loans – Do You Qualify?

| July 5, 2011

Would you like your mortgage to be cut in half? Well, for many mortgage holders of  home loans held by Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase, it just might happen.  This week, the New York Times reported that these two banks, two of the country’s biggest lenders, are offering to modify home loans of […]

Florida Property Insurance Hikes – Is This the Last Straw for Many Florida Homeowners With Underwater Mortgages?

| June 28, 2011

In yesterday’s Miami Herald, there is a report of a St. Lucie West homeowner who just received his property insurance premium bill and discovered that it has jumped from $1092 to $2715; the news story does the math – that is a 152% increase for this family, with the bill being due in August.  You […]

The Catch-22 of Trying to Sell Your Home in Florida: Prices Going Down, Buyers Can’t Find Home Loans – But Things May Be Changing

| May 31, 2011

Standard & Poor’s is an internationally-recognized financial markets analysis company, providing a number of research statistics and indices to help measure what is happening in the American economy.  You may recognize its stock index, the S&P 500, which the news media report on daily along with the Dow Jones and other stock market indices. Its […]

Foreclosure Sales in South Florida: How Bad Is It? New RealtyTrac Stats For 1st Quarter 2011

| May 26, 2011

RealtyTrac has just released its statistics for the First Quarter 2011, including foreclosure sales numbers. You can read the numbers online for free at their site’s Trend Center. Why should Florida homeowners care about foreclosure sales? The foreclosure statistics impact everyone.  For example, the number of foreclosed properties in the housing market impacts fair market […]

Florida Homeowners’ Insurance Rates May Rise Thanks to New Property Insurance Reform Law Being Passed by Florida Legislature

| May 5, 2011

The Florida Legislature has just kicked a lot of Florida homeowners while they’re down, with yesterday’s announcement that an agreement has been reached on the passage of a bill that will not only allow insurance companies to hike the cost of property insurance, but it will also okay the insurer’s ability to shorten the deadlines […]

Florida Homeowners and Condo Owners: Beware of Proposed New House Deregulation Bill – HB5005

| March 24, 2011

The Florida Legislature is considering a major deregulation law that will impact all Floridians, particularly Florida condo owners and Florida homeowners.  It could become law as soon as July 1, 2011, and the entire language of the proposed statute (HB 5005) can be read online at the Florida House of Representatives website.  What would escape […]

Underwater Mortgages in Florida: What Are They, What Can You Do If You’re Underwater in Your Mortgage?

| March 8, 2011

Underwater mortgages are those situations where the homeowner is said to hold “negative equity” in his property — he is “upside down” — because he owes more to the lender than he can get if were to sell the property. Which makes it tempting for many to consider what to do about this situation: should […]

Renting Is Becoming Popular Again in South Florida: Protect Yourself Under Florida Landlord Tenant Law

| January 20, 2011

Last Update: 1/20/17 According to the Miami Herald, renting a home is becoming more and more popular in South Florida. The idea of leasing a house, condo, or apartment seems smart in today’s real estate market for lots of people.  Some may be dealing with a divorce and others may be renting homes after losing […]